101 Freeway Closure

Please be advised of the following construction project in the Downtown Area:
  1. The 6th Street Bridge closed on Wed. 01-27-16 due to its crumbling infrastructure that cannot be stopped or repaired.
  2. The bridge is set to be demolished on Sat./Sun.  Feb. 6-7, 2016.
  3. The 101 freeway will be closed for 40 hours from 10 pm on Fri. Feb 5th to approximately 2 pm on Sun. Feb. 7th.
  4. Alternative routes will have to be taken into and out of the Downtown Area.
  5. It is highly advisable that you start planning your detour routes if you must come in to the Downtown Area, otherwise you should avoid it for this particular weekend.
  6. Please see the attached notification from the Bureau of Engineering and note that some freeway on-ramps will be closed.
  7. Another Allstaff reminder will be sent out next week close to the event date.
Please see the map below for freeway detour routes.

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